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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

Nigerian Navy: History, Roles & Functions

INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF THE NIGERIAN NAVY The history of the Nigerian Navy could be traced to the colonial marine Department of the Royal...

FRSC Ranks & Salary Structure + Recruitment Details (2020)

The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) ranks and salary structure differs from other military agencies in the country. Their primary role is to regulate...

United States Navy Salary Structure and Ranks (2020)

United States Navy Pay For those who wants to know how much a naval officer in the American Navy earns as his pay/salary, below is...

Full List of All Military/Command Schools in Nigeria’s 36 States

Military schools in Nigeria just like accredited federal and state secondary schools also offer quality education to their students. If you are looking for...

Nigerian Police Salary Structure: How much is a Nigerian Police Officer Paid

In one of our posts, we wrote on the salary structure of the Nigerian army which exposed how much a Nigerian soldier earns monthly....

Nigeria Civil Defence Salary For Graduates (2020)

The Nigerian Civil defence salary for graduates is one one of the most sought after information on the internet especially when the NSCDC starts...

The Highest Paid Force in Nigeria: Ranks And Salaries (2020)

Most people want to know the highest paid military in Nigeria. Although, the armed forces is a special unit in the country which comprises...

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Important Things To Know Before Joining The Nigerian Army

One of our writers wrote on the fastest and surest ways to rank in the Nigerian Army but this time, we shall focus on...

How To Join Nigerian Air Force As Tradesmen/women (2020)

How to join the Nigerian Airforce as tradesmen and women, recruitment details for employment, academic/professional qualifications, instructions for application into the Nigerian Airforce is...

Nigerian Army Ranks and Symbols

The Nigerian army is among the top three military organization in the country. The Nigerian military has over the years, being ranked among the...
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