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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

Nigerian Navy Ranks and their Salaries 2020 (New Figures)

Just like the Nigerian Police, Airforce and Army, the new Nigerian naval officers salary range is paid according to their ranks from the lowest...

Nigerian Army Salary Per Month 2020 After Minimum Wage Increase

How much is the new Nigerian army salary per month after minimum wage increase to N30, 000? Here is the official current breakdown of...
Ranks in the Nigerian Customs Service

Nigerian Customs Ranks, Salary & Recruitment Details (2020)

The Nigerian custom salary for its officers is paid according to ranks as with other paramilitary agencies in the country like immigrations, civil defence...

The Highest Paid Force in Nigeria: Ranks And Salaries (2020)

Most people want to know the highest paid military in Nigeria. Although, the armed forces is a special unit in the country which comprises...

Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Salary Structure (Official)

The Nigeria Immigration salary structure is paid according to the ranks in the NIS. For example, a graduate with B.SC is expected to earn...

Nigerian Army Salary Structure: How Much is a Nigerian Soldier Paid?

Contrary to the belief by most people that the Nigerian Army are being paid heavily, the opposite is the case as the Nigerian Army...

Nigerian Navy: Ranks in The Nigerian Navy

Do you want a career in the Nigerian Navy and are looking for the ranks in the Nigerian Navy, then you are at the...

NSCDC Ranks and Salary Structure of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

Ranks in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) NSCDC is a para-military agency in Nigeria empowered by lay Act No. 2 of 2003...

Full List of Army Barracks in Nigeria & Locations

This post contains a list of all army barracks in Nigeria and the states where they are located. There have been news that the Nigerian...

The Highest Paid Paramilitary in Nigeria (2020)

Find out which paramilitary pays more in Nigeria in terms of salary. All paramilitary bodies in the country are under the consolidated paramilitary salary structure (CONPASS). This...
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