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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

Nigerian State Security Service Functions, Salary, Recruitment & Activities

This post contains all you need know about the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS), Functions, recruitment, Salary Structure, Head-office address, official website and activities...

Nigeria Civil Defence Salary For Graduates (2019)

The Nigerian Civil defence salary for graduates is one one of the most sought after information on the internet especially when the NSCDC starts...

List of Military Forces in Nigeria

The military is an organized instrument of the government saddled with the responsibility of protecting and defending the state against internal and external attacks....

Nigerian Military Ranking in the World 2019

Military ranking in the world is carried out by assessing equipment, weapons, capabilities, intelligence and strength of the armed forces of a country. Nigeria has...

Nigerian Air force: Ranks, History and Functions of the Nigerian Airforce

The aim of this post is to inform you about the Nigerian Air Force, its History, Ranks and Functions of the Nigerian Air Force. History...

The Biafran Secret Service (BSS): All You Need Know

Information about Biafra Secret Service (BSS), salaries of its officers, oath, how they are been funded, the functions and real reasons for setting up...

Full List of Army Barracks in Nigeria & Locations

This post contains a list of all army barracks in Nigeria and the states where they are located. There have been news that the Nigerian...

10 Strongest Navies in Africa Today (2019)

The navy like the air force and army is another armed wing of the military of any sovereign state, whose aim is to protect...

10 Strongest Air Force in Africa (2019)

Find below a list of top 10 strongest Air Forces in Africa today according to our research this 2019. We all know the world super...

Top 10 Best Military Forces in the Middle East (2019)

Are you aware of the best military forces in the Middle East? The most powerful military forces in the Middle East are some of...
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