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This contains information on Home Economics in Nigeria

Career Opportunities in Home Economics

This implies the various job opportunities available to individuals who study Home Economics. It can be a wage employment where someone is paid certain...
good body posture

Body Posture: Meaning and Importance

Posture is the way by which one carries his or her body on his or her legs. We have good and bad postures. When...
the mouth and teeth

The Human Mouth: Structure and Care of the Teeth

The Mouth and Teeth Mouth care includes the care of the teeth, the lips, and the whole area of the mouth. When the mouth is...
the human skin

Care of the Human Skin: Things You Should Know

The skin contributes to the beauty of a person. It is therefore necessary to take good care of it. To be able to take...
the human hands and feet

Care of the Human Hands and Feet

The hands and the feet are the parts of the body most often used. The hands are used in handling objects. They come in...

Introduction To Home Economics JSS1: Meaning & Branches

Meaning of Home Economics Some people think Home Economics involves only the act of cooking and sewing, while others believe that it involves some activities...
body exercise

Body Exercises: Meaning and Importance

Exercise is the way we exert the muscles of the body for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness. The activities to exert...
hair grooming and styles in nigeria

Procedures for Hair Grooming and Hair Styles

Whatever the style of hair we want, it is necessary to keep the hair clean. The best way is to wash the hair. Therefore,...

The Hair: Structure, Qualities and Hair Care

There are different types of hair. Hair can be curly or straight, short or long, hard or soft, oily or dry. Hair can also...

Importance of Home Economics to Individuals, Family & Nation

Home Economics has a lot of importance to family, individuals and even the nation at large. In this post, you get to know them...
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