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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria

Citizenship: How To Be A Citizen Of Any Country

A citizen is one who resides in a country and has unlimited power to exercise his civil, political and fundamental human rights. This means...

State & Nation: Definition, Characteristics and Differences

A state may be defined as a politically organized body of people occupying a definite geographical territory with an organized government, free from external...

Public Complaints Commission (Ombudsman): Definition & Functions

Definition The public complaints commission or the ombudsman is the institution established by the federal government to entertain from citizens, complaints of injustice, corruption, unfair...

Criticisms/problems Of The Civil Service in Nigeria

The civil service has its own problems and has been criticized as being an institution where political interference, tribalism, nepotism and other vices hold...

Control of The Civil Service in Nigeria

The civil service is controlled in the following ways: General orders: Civil servants are bound by general orders also called civil service rules which...

Civil Service Commission in Nigeria: Overview & Functions

The civil service commission is a body independent of the civil service itself, established by the government to administer the civil service. The commission...
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