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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria
Nigerian Constitution

Major Sources of Nigerian Law/Constitution

A country’s constitution is the body of basic laws, principles, conventions, rules and regulations which govern the country. It specifies the limits of, as...

United Nations (UN): Major Achievements & Problems

Since it's inception, the United Nations  (UN) has recorded some notable achievements in ensuring peace in the world. The organization also had its fair...

Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN)

Specialized agencies are bodies with special responsibilities to enable the United Nations to realize its objectives. The activities of these specialized agencies are coordinated...

Organs Of The United Nations And Their Functions

The main organs of the United Nations are divided into seven (7) and they are: The General Assembly The General Assembly consists of member states of...

The United Nations (UN): History, Aims and Objectives

Origin/History of the UN The experience of the First World War (1914-1918) made the leading countries of the world establish an international organisation, the League...

Power and Authority: Definitions & Comparison

Power Power can be defined as the ability to enforce decisions and to compel obedience from other people. It entails the exercise of control by...
human rights in nigeria

Types of Fundamental Human Rights

Fundamental human right refers to natural or inalienable right and privileged to be enjoyed by citizens of a country. Such right include freedom of...
rule of law in nigeria

Rule of Law in Nigeria: Principles and Limitations

The principle of the rule of law arose from the proposition by professor Dicey in his book titled "Introduction to the law of the...

The 1988 Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria

The civil service was greatly reformed in 1988 in line with the recommendations of the Dotun Philips civil service review panel established in 1985...

The Commonwealth of Nations: All You Need Know

The Common wealth is an association of independent countries and territories that were formerly under the British Empire. It also includes islands and territories...
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