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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria
Nigerian Constitution

Highlights Of Provisions Of An International Constitution

The scope of this article allow us to delve very well into the provisions of international constitution by the United Nations in brief. The United Nations’...
Pressure Groups in Nigeria

8 means adopted by pressure groups to achieve their aims

There are various means or ways by which pressure groups in Nigeria use in trying to achieve their aims, these include: 1. Strikes and Boycotts Occupational...
Pressure Groups in Nigeria

Pressure Groups: Types and Characteristics

A pressure group may be defined as any group of people bound together by some common interests or profession who engage in some activities...

Political Culture and Political Socialization

Meaning/Definition of Political culture Political culture can be defined as the values, beliefs and norms that guide the political behavior of the people in a...

Democracy: Meaning, Types, Features & Characteristics

Meaning of Democracy Democracy may be defined as a system of government in which the exercise of political power and authority is vested in the...

The 8 Hierarchy of Courts in Nigeria Explained: Functions & Jurisdiction

Different types of courts exists in Nigeria with their functions. These courts are stratified i.e. they exist in layers of superiority and this comes...
Nigerian Constitution

The Scope of a Constitution Explained

The scope of a constitution may be examined along the following lines: 1. Preamble Usually, the purpose of every modern constitution is outlined in its preamble...
Nigerian Constitution

Major Sources of Nigerian Law/Constitution

A country’s constitution is the body of basic laws, principles, conventions, rules and regulations which govern the country. It specifies the limits of, as...

United Nations (UN): Major Achievements & Problems

Since it's inception, the United Nations  (UN) has recorded some notable achievements in ensuring peace in the world. The organization also had its fair...

Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN)

Specialized agencies are bodies with special responsibilities to enable the United Nations to realize its objectives. The activities of these specialized agencies are coordinated...
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