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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria

Responsibilities and Duties of the Government to the People

Since the civil society has surrendered their right to fend for themselves to the government for the common good of every individual, the government...
agents of socialization

Agents of Socialization: Full List

Definition of Socialization Socialization can be defined as the process of teaching and learning of the various norms, values, issues and activities of the society...

Pre-Colonial Administration: Political Organization of Hausa-Fulani Empire

The Hausa-Fulani Empire had its origin from the Holy war (Jihad) of 1804 which Uthman Dan Fodio, a Fulani Muslim launched against the Hausa...

Pre-Colonial Administration in Nigeria: Political Structure in Yoruba Land

The Yoruba people claim to have originated from Ile-Ife. The legend further states that Oduduwa, the father of the race, had seven sons who...

Pre-Colonial Administration In Nigeria: The Igbo System of Government

As a result of the existence of many political institutions in Igbo land, there was no centralization of power among the Igbo. Instead, political...
rule of law in nigeria

Principles of the Rule of Law

In any civilized society, Laws are made to protect the interests of the citizens such as their lives and properties and not to oppress...
ecowas nigerian infopedia

ECOWAS: Vision, Member Nations, Aims & Objectives

The Economic Community Of West African States, ECOWAS is a sub-regional organization formed by West African Countries mainly to promote cooperation and development in...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Representative Government

Representative government refers to a government where the people participate in choosing through periodic, free and fair elections, those that would govern them. It...
nigeria flag 1

Decentralisation: Meaning & Types

Decentralisation can be defined as the process by which governmental duties and functions are delegated from a central government to such subordinate units of...
flag of Nigeria

Delegated Legislation: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

Delegated legislation can be defined as the power of parliament to confer the authority to make laws and regulations on some persons or bodies. Types...
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