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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria

Power and Authority: Definitions & Comparison

Power Power can be defined as the ability to enforce decisions and to compel obedience from other people. It entails the exercise of control by...

Control of The Civil Service in Nigeria

The civil service is controlled in the following ways: General orders: Civil servants are bound by general orders also called civil service rules which...
Local government in Nigeria

Top 5 Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria (2022)

The various local government areas that are rich in Nigeria are never dependent on the state or federal government for allocations. Out of the 774...

Meaning & Characteristics of Presidential System of Government

A Presidential System of Government is one in which there is an executive President, that is, someone vested with all executive powers and who...

Disadvantages Of Military Rule in Nigeria

Below are the demerits / disadvantages of military rule In Nigeria It had been ascertained that there were few advantages attributed to military rule in...
Pressure Groups in Nigeria

Major Functions of Pressure Groups: Top 8

The primary roles and major functions of pressure groups in Nigeria can never be underestimated. We have outlined some of their functions which are: 1....

Pre-Colonial Administration in Nigeria: Political Structure in Yoruba Land

The Yoruba people claim to have originated from Ile-Ife. The legend further states that Oduduwa, the father of the race, had seven sons who...

Full List of Local Government Areas in Nigeria

Nigeria is made up of 36 states and capitals which have 774 local government areas (LGAs). Each local government area is administered by a Local Government...
Nigerian Constitution

Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of International Constitutions

The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of international constitution over member countries of the United Nations is explained at length in this article. Just like the domestic...
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Responsibilities & Duties Of Constituted Authority To The People

Individuals and group of people that occupy positions of power are said to be constituted authority if they rightly occupy the position legitimately. This suggests...
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