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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria
citizen in nigeria

Responsibilities And Duties Of Nigerian Citizens & Benefits

Every citizen living in Nigeria has rights which are entrenched in the constitution and protected by the government. These rights as stated above imposes...
citizen in nigeria

Nigerian Citizens Hierarchy: The Third, Fourth and Fifth Citizens in Nigeria

In this post, we will look at the hierarchy of Nigerian Citizens with respect to the third fourth and fifth citizens of Nigeria. The...
Local government in Nigeria

Various Local Government Systems Explained

We shall explain at length various local government systems of the following countries: France, Britain and Nigeria. The French local government system The French local government...

Democracy: Meaning, Types, Features & Characteristics

Meaning of Democracy Democracy may be defined as a system of government in which the exercise of political power and authority is vested in the...
human rights in nigeria

Types of Fundamental Human Rights

Fundamental human right refers to natural or inalienable right and privileged to be enjoyed by citizens of a country. Such right include freedom of...
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Delegated Legislation: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

Delegated legislation can be defined as the power of parliament to confer the authority to make laws and regulations on some persons or bodies. Types...

The 8 Hierarchy of Courts in Nigeria Explained

Different type of courts exists in Nigeria. These courts are stratified i.e. they exist in layers of superiority and this comes with some implication. You...

The 1988 Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria

The civil service was greatly reformed in 1988 in line with the recommendations of the Dotun Philips civil service review panel established in 1985...
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Decentralisation: Meaning & Types

Decentralisation can be defined as the process by which governmental duties and functions are delegated from a central government to such subordinate units of...
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The Reasons Why Nigeria Is Called The Giant of Africa

You will get to know the answers and reasons why Nigeria is called the giant of Africa in this article. If you are student...
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