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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria
Local government in Nigeria

Reasons For Creating Local Governments

Local government is government at a local level established by an act of parliament or statute, decree or edict, charged with administrative and executive...
Nigerian Constitution

Features of Macpherson Constitution (1951)

John Macpherson succeeded Arthur Richards in 1948 as governor of Nigeria and soon saw the need for constitutional reforms in the country. He established...

The 1988 Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria

The civil service was greatly reformed in 1988 in line with the recommendations of the Dotun Philips civil service review panel established in 1985...

Powers and Limitations to the Powers of the Executive President

This post will detail out the powers of an executive President and the limitations to his powers. A Presidential System of Government is one...

How To Join A Political Party in Nigeria (2020)

As a Nigerian, you are definitely entitled to being a member of any political party of your choice. This fundamental right is guaranteed in...
citizen in nigeria

Nigerian Citizenship: Meaning, Duties & Obligations

The Meaning of Citizenship A Citizen is one who belongs to and gives his loyalty to a particular country and who expects protection from such...
Nigerian Constitution

The Scope of a Constitution Explained

The scope of a constitution may be examined along the following lines: 1. Preamble Usually, the purpose of every modern constitution is outlined in its preamble...
nigeria flag 1

The Federal System of Nigeria Explained

The full explanation of Nigeria's federalism. By Federalism, we mean a system whereby constitutional powers are shared or divided between the central (Federal) government and...

Disadvantages Of Military Rule in Nigeria

Below are the demerits / disadvantages of military rule In Nigeria It had been ascertained that there were few advantages attributed to military rule in...
Nigerian Constitution

Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of International Constitutions

The effectiveness and ineffectiveness of international constitution over member countries of the United Nations is explained at length in this article. Just like the domestic...
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