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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria

Types of Allowances in Nigerian Civil Service (2023)

The civil service in Nigeria are responsible for the day to day planning and implementation of government policies under the various ministries, agencies and...
Pressure Groups in Nigeria

Types of Pressure Groups in Nigeria

Pressure groups have grown to be a crucial component of public administration and governance. These organizations strive to exert pressure on a government’s administrative...
voting in Nigeria

The Major Importance of Voting in Nigeria

A democratic nation like Nigeria values the ability of its citizens to vote for their government. Many people in our country are entitled to...
citizen in nigeria

Types of Citizenship in Nigeria: Full List

Nigeria has various types of citizenship categories. The three ways to become a citizen of Nigeria are through birth, registration, and naturalization, as stated...

Importance of Political Parties in Nigeria

Nigeria is a democratic country in which political parties play a crucial part in this democracy. All of the political figures in the nation...
federalism nigerian infopedia

Importance of Federalism in Nigeria

If you read the Nigerian Constitution closely, you'll notice that the country is referred to as the "Federal Republic of Nigeria." Our country's federal...

Top Reasons Why We Need Government

The ancient Greeks were the ones who gave us ideas about the need of government in any given society. Plato and Aristotle referred to...

The Full Process of Impeaching the Nigerian President

Impeachment of a president is the process of removing the official from office especially for misconduct. In Nigeria, this process of impeaching a president...

Political Structure/Hierarchy of The Nigerian Government

The government of Nigeria witnessed many structural changes in the few past decades in its political system. The country overcame a destabilization period because...

How To Join A Political Party in Nigeria (2023)

As a Nigerian, you are definitely entitled to being a member of any political party of your choice. This fundamental right is guaranteed in...
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