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Information on governmental studies in Nigeria

How To Join A Political Party in Nigeria (2022)

As a Nigerian, you are definitely entitled to being a member of any political party of your choice. This fundamental right is guaranteed in...
Trade Unions in Nigeria

Full List of Trade Unions in Nigeria And Their Functions

In any work discipline, there are associations and unions that guides and act for the affairs of the organisation. These organisations are known as...

Who is the Second Citizen in Nigeria? See Answer

In this article, we will answer the question, who is the second citizen in Nigeria? For the purpose of clarity, for those who do...

The Relationship Among The Three Tiers of Government in Nigeria

The Relationship Among The Three Tiers of Government in Nigeria Explained The three tiers of government in Nigeria includes the federal, state and local. A...

History and Development of Political Parties in Nigeria

Politics in Nigeria dates back to the pre-colonial era, but for the sake of this post, let us only look at Nigeria's political history...
first citizen in nigeria

Who is the First Citizen in Nigeria? See Answer

Who is the First Citizen in Nigeria? You might have asked yourself or someone this question, genuinely looking for answers, look no further, the...

Meaning & Characteristics of Presidential System of Government

A Presidential System of Government is one in which there is an executive President, that is, someone vested with all executive powers and who...

Nigerian Presidential System Of Government: What You Need to Know

We previously wrote on the structure of Nigeria's Federalism where we talked on Federalism in Nigeria. This time we are going to look at...

The Electoral Process: Suffrage or Franchise

The electoral process is the method by which the electorate in a democratic country votes for some citizens who will represent them at the...
citizen in nigeria

Nigerian Citizenship: Meaning, Duties & Obligations

The Meaning of Citizenship A Citizen is one who belongs to and gives his loyalty to a particular country and who expects protection from such...
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