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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.
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Nigeria’s Land Size in Square Kilometers & All 36 States

The size of Nigeria's geographical land area in square kilometers is 983,213 km2. The country is made up of 36 states including the Federal...
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List of Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria And Their States

The geopolitical zones in Nigeria are currently six in number, with each containing a set of people with similar culture, belonging to the same...

Major Mineral Resources in Nigeria: Full List & Locations (2022)

Mineral resources are materials of economic interest found in or on the earth's crust in such quality, quantity and form that can be considered...
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Full List of PDP National Chairmen in Nigeria (1998 – Date)

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is one of the oldest and major political parties in Nigeria. The party which is headed by a national...
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Top 10 Causes of Divorce/Broken Marriages in Nigeria

Marital failure or breakdown according to Wikipedia refers to the common process whereby the relationship between a married couple erodes, such that they cannot...
Ijaw traditional marriage

Traditional Marriage Rites in Ijaw Culture: How It Is Done

Traditional marriage rites in Ijaw land follows the Ijaw cultures and traditions and anyone wanting to marry a woman of same origin must marry...
Yoruba traditional marriage

Traditional Marriage Rites in Yoruba Land: How It Is Done

How Traditional Marriage Rites In Yoruba Land Is Done The Yoruba ethnic group is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. They dominate all...
hausa fulani traditional marriage

Traditional Marriage Rites in Hausa Land, Northern Nigeria: How It Is Done

How Traditional Marriage Rites is Done In Hausa Land The Hausa ethnic group is the most populous ethnic group in Nigeria and the most dominant...

Traditional Marriage Rites & Process In Igbo Land: How It Is Done

Process of How Traditional Marriage Rites Is Done In Igbo Land So, you have gotten your eyes on an Igbo lady and you both have...
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Addresses of Marriage Registries in Lagos State: Full List

Do you plan on getting married at a registry in Lagos and are looking for how to locate them, you have a wide variety...
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