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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.

History of Insurance in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered how insurance came to be in Nigeria? It's actually a pretty interesting story. Insurance started out as a way to...
report scammers in Nigeria

Top 10 Popular Online Scam Format (2022)

Scams on the internet are ever-changing. Fraudsters are presumably targeting a computer or mobile device anywhere around you right now all across the world....
reverse mistaken bank transfer

How to Reverse Mistaken Bank Transfer Within 24 Hours in Nigeria

Have you ever considered what can happen if you move monies to the wrong bank account by accident? Is it feasible to get the...
business proposal nigerian infopedia

How to Write a Professional Business Proposal in Nigeria (2022)

It’s certain that only a few new business owners are familiar with how to write a business proposal. However, it is far more important...
USA number in Nigeria

How to Get Free USA Phone Number in Nigeria (2022)

There are many advantages to having a USA number in Nigeria. One benefit is that it provides you to visit websites that are restricted...
us bank account in Nigeria

How to Open USA Bank Account in Nigeria For Free (2022)

There are lots of benefits attached to having a bank account in the United States. Even if you’re going to relocate to America or...
maritime academies in Nigeria

Official NIMASA Salary Structure (2022)

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Body, usually termed NIMASA is a federal agency that supervises all operations occuring on the Nigerian coastline and...
top 100 nigerian songs of all time

Top 100 Best Listened Nigerian Songs of All Time

If you ask us to explain entertainment in Nigeria, we’ll tell you that music is at the top of the pecking order. There are...

Full List of All MTN USSD Codes in Nigeria

MTN is arguably Nigeria’s leading telecommunication company. The network provider offers a wide range of services to it’s customers. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data,...

Top 10 Richest Towns in Imo State (2022)

Imo state is endowed as one of the richest states in Nigeria. Most of the state’s wealth is contributed to the availability of mineral...
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