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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.

Top 10 Richest Towns in Imo State (2022)

Imo state is endowed as one of the richest states in Nigeria. Most of the state’s wealth is contributed to the availability of mineral...
french speaking african countries

Full List of African Countries That Speaks French Language

French seems to be the most broadly spoken foreign language in Africa. The language arrived on the African continent as a result of colonialism....
amusement parks in Lagos

Best Amusement Parks in Lagos & Locations

You’re almost certain not to ever run out of places to explore as well as things to do in Lagos. Even with many of...
nigerian states with the most pretty girls

Top 10 States With The Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria (2022)

Nigeria is home to some of the world’s most attractive women. This is due to the abundance of attractive women in the country. Girls...
traditional marriage requirements in kogi state

Full List of Traditional Marriage Requirements in Kogi State (2022)

Kogi State is a confluence state in Nigeria’s north central region. The state is made up of ethnic groups such as the Ebira, Igala,...
civil engineering salary structure

Highest Paid Engineers in Nigeria And Their Salaries (2022)

Engineering encompasses a wide range of occupations in six distinct field: mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, geotechnical, and managerial engineering, as well as hundreds more...
best banks in nigeria

Top 10 Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria (Salaries, 2022)

Which Nigerian bank pays the highest salaries to its workers? Employees and workers in commercial banks typically come from a variety of perspectives. This...
yam producing states in Nigeria

Top 10 Largest Yam Producing States in Nigeria (2022)

To know which states in nigeria are the largest yam producers in the country, you have to take into cognizance the quantity at which...
addosser microfinance bank salary structure

Addosser Microfinance Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria (2022)

Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited is one of Nigeria’s top microfinance institutions. This bank has been established for almost a decade, and it’s great to...

Full List of Osu Villages in Imo State

In terms of social interaction and marriage, the Osu Villages have a specific culture that sets them apart from others. This is because they...
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