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Best Cinemas in Lagos, Nigeria: Top 7 (2022)

Top Cinemas Halls located in Lagos, Nigeria This post contains the addresses of top cinemas in Lagos where you can watch interesting movies, get latest...
power plants in nigeria

Full List of Functional Power Stations in Nigeria: Location & Capacity

The demand for more power consumption in Nigeria has increased to a stage whereby more watt's and voltage of electrical current is needed to...
dangerous place in Lagos

10 Dangerous Places to Live in Lagos State (2022)

Lagos is Nigeria's most populous state, with a population of about 20 million people. Most of these people come to the city...

Niger Delta States in Nigeria: Full List + Map

The Niger Delta States occupies an area extent of 70,000sqkm which is just 7.5% of the area extent of Nigeria. This zone is known...

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Delta State

Delta State is one of the richest oil-producing states in Nigeria. It is not just rich in oil, it is also rich in other...

Looking Ahead In 2022: What New Revenue Streams Can Nigeria Look To

Although economies across the world are beginning to stutter as a consequence of dealing with the events of 2020, this economic story has not...
BOSIET Training in Nigeria

How To Enroll For Bosiet Training In Nigeria (2022)

BOSIET is an acronym for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. It is a training programme that was provided to train employees that...
Nigerian Diplomat

How To Become A Diplomat in Nigeria (2022)

There is a popular adage that goes “no man is an island”, this is also the case with countries. No nation can survive without...
buy used cars in Nigeria

Guide To Buy Used Cars in Nigeria For Cheap (2022)

With the increase of the naira against the dollar, buying a brand new car in Nigeria can be really expensive. People now resort to...
getting job in Bahrain from Nigeria

How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria Easily (2022)

Bahrain is a rich and stable-economy country that many Nigerians do often go there. A good number of these people go there in order...
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