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List of Six Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria And Their States

The geopolitical zones in Nigeria are currently six in number, with each containing a set of people with similar culture, belonging to the same...
How to Write A Simple and Professional Curriculum Vitae

How To Write A Professional CV in Nigeria in 2022 (New Format)

As a fresh graduate, you are expected to have learnt how to write speeches, essays, articles, journals, resume’s or curriculum vitae but unfortunately, most...

Full List of Northern States in Nigeria & Details

The different 36 states in Nigeria are divided into various regions which comprises of the Northern region, the south-south, the south west and south...

Top 10 Richest Churches In Nigeria (2022)

Religion has become an important aspect in the spiritual lives of Nigerians today. Christians everywhere attend churches to praise, worship and pray to God...

Top 10 Most Educated States in Nigeria (2022)

Education in Nigeria has no unified circulation in all parts of the country. This has made the various states not to have the same...

10 Most Developed Countries in the World (2022)

10 Most Developed Countries in the World 2022 To know a developed country, a lot of indices must be checked. Things like: a highly developed...
Local government in Nigeria

10 Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria (2022)

Nigeria is a country that has three tiers of government namely: the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. For the purpose of this...

Current Price of Dstv Explora in Nigeria July 2022 (Updated)

This post contains the new and latest price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria and where to buy it online in Nigeria this July, 2022. It...

10 Most Developed States in Nigeria (2022)

There are some states in Nigeria that are well developed with infrastructures and basic social amenities like portable drinking water, hospitals, good road networks,...

Natural Resources in the 36 States of Nigeria & Locations

The full list of all natural resources in Nigeria, their location in the various 36 states in Nigeria is what this post is all...
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