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Best Ways To Send And Receive Money In Nigeria From Abroad (2020)

Are you planning to send or receive money from UK or USA and you’re interested in knowing the best ways of sending and receiving...

Imo State: Natural Resources, History, Towns & Governors

In this article, Nigerian Infopedia takes a look at the brief history of Imo State, her local governments, her economy, her past and present...
prepaid meter

Prepaid Meter Codes for Recharging & Checking Balance (2020)

Find below the prepaid meter codes for recharging and checking balance easily. Since the power sector has been privatized, there have been some few tweaks...

Ghana Natural Resources: List of Natural Resources Found in Ghana

Ghana is a country endowed with various abundant natural resources. All these resources cut across the agricultural, mining and human sectors. Although, the agricultural...

Beetroot in Nigeria: Where To Get It

Beet plant is a plant that belongs to the same family as Chard and Spinach. Both the root and leaves of these plants are...

Full List of Inspector General of Police in Nigeria (1964 – Date)

The highest rank in the Nigerian Police is the Inspector General of Police, abbreviated as IGP. He also doubles as the the head of...

Uber Nigeria Contact Address: Book Uber Taxi

If you want Uber Nigeria contact, we have provided their Lagos office address, phone number and how to book Uber taxi easily. Its now more...

Comprehensive List of all Tribes in Nigeria

Nigeria as a sovereign states is made up of different ethnic groups and tribes. There are about 250 tribes in Nigeria with various cultures....
Local government in Nigeria

List of all Local Governments in Nigeria and their States

A Local Government in Nigeria is seen as the third tier of government that is closest to the people at the grass root. Local...
national public holidays in nigeria

National & Public Holidays in Nigeria 2020 (Official List)

The 2020 calendar is out and shows all national public holiday dates in the country. As a civil servant or government worker, you would...
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