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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Delta State

Delta State is one of the richest oil-producing states in Nigeria. It is not just rich in oil, it is also rich in other...
Harmful Traditional Practices in Nigeria

How To Stop Harmful Traditional Practices in Nigeria

There are lots of harmful traditional practices in Nigeria. Most, if not all of these practices are ravaging in a harmful way. The need...
Primary school

The Oldest Primary School in Nigeria

Ever wondered what the first primary school in Nigeria is? Ever asked yourself this question, where is the location of the oldest primary school...

Natural Resources in the 36 States of Nigeria & Locations

The full list of all natural resources in Nigeria, their location in the various 36 states in Nigeria is what this post is all...

Beetroot in Nigeria: Where To Get It

Beet plant is a plant that belongs to the same family as Chard and Spinach. Both the root and leaves of these plants are...

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Borno State

Borno state has a lot of ethnic compositions coupled with very rich historical and cultural heritage. This beautiful centre of tourist attraction borders the...
forex trading platform

Top 10 Best Forex Trading Platforms (2021)

10 Best Forex Trading Platform To Trade That Are Legit And Trusted With Good High Rating And Less Risk This 2021. Do you know you...

Cost of Health Insurance in Nigeria (2021)

Healthcare insurance is a sort of insurance coverage that takes care of the expense of an insured person’s clinical and medical costs. This cost...
cars in nigeria

The Current Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria Officially (November, 2021)

This post will list out the current cost of clearing cars in Nigeria Tin can port, Cotonou(Seme Border), Apapa Port and other ports to...
agricultural crops in nigeria

Full List of Agricultural Extension Programmes in Nigeria (2021)

In this writeup, we will examine the various agricultural extension programs in Nigeria, their objectives and how they impact the agriculture sector. Agricultural extension is...
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