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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Radio Stations in Nigeria (2019)

Radio Stations in Nigeria are currently winning the hearts of many Nigerians and are in various States of the federation. Some popular radio programmes...

Top Hausa Newspapers in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Hausa newspapers are mostly sold in the northern region. This is because those people that don't understand English can read these popular...

The First Newspaper in Nigeria (Picture)

Which Is The First Newspaper in Nigeria? If you are a student of Mass Communication in Nigeria, you should be aware that the first newspaper...

Best Yoruba Newspapers in Nigeria: Top 5

The print media in Nigeria is blessed with so many newspapers in various languages. There are popular Yoruba newspapers which are written for those...
most lucrative careers in nigeria

Most Lucrative Professions in Nigeria: Top 11

In settling for great professions in life, it is of great importance that you carefully ponder on the course you want to study if...

10 Best Places To Go On A Romantic Date In Lagos (2019)

Going on a date is not just going outing with mere friends, it's meant to be something romantic and special between you and your...

Cost Of ISBN In Nigeria & How To Register It (2019)

Having an ISBN code is one of the prerequisite of publishing a book if you are serious about publishing one. Needless to say, you...

How To Obtain ISBN In Nigeria Easily: Step by Step Guide (2019)

Step by step Guide in Obtaining ISBN Number in Nigeria Easily. According to Wikipedia, The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book...
most expensive states to live in

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria (2019)

Nigeria is a country blessed with diverse resources; ranging from human resources, good weather conditions, fertile soil for agriculture and tourist attractions. That being...

10 Most Developed Countries in the World (2019)

10 Most Developed Countries in the World 2019 To know a developed country, a lot of indices must be checked. Things like: a highly developed...
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