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Forms of Tax: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are two major forms of tax. Direct and Indirect taxes. Direct tax is collected directly from individuals and profits of companies. The profit...

Budget: Types, Revenue and Expenditure

A budget may be defined as a financial statement of the total estimated revenue and the proposed expenditure of a government in a given...

Bank Account: Meaning and Types

A bank account is the arrangement made with a bank which enables one to deposit and withdraw money and in some cases, be paid...

The Nigerian Tax Law: All You Need Know

Collecting taxes are one of the ways government generates revenue for carrying out it assignments. People in the developed world know the importance of...

Full List of Income Exempted From Tax in Nigeria

Tax exemption refers to a legal amount that can be deducted from income or profit that would otherwise be taxed. There are good number...

Full List of Taxes in Nigeria

In this article, we will look at the comprehensive list of taxes that apply in Nigeria. Taxes are mandatory monetary levies imposed by a...
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