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Unemployment in Nigeria: Causes & Solutions

Unemployment in Nigeria is the situation whereby some people who fall within the ages of the working population, capable and willing to work, are...

Basic Concepts of Economics Explained

The various basic concepts of Economics include: Wants Wants simply means the desire or need to own goods or services that give satisfaction. Human beings want...

Sources of Government Borrowing and Reasons Why Government Borrows

Sources of Government Borrowing  As government debts were divided into external and internal debts, sources of Government borrowing is also divided into external and internal....

Economics: Meaning and Various Definitions of Economics

Economics like other social science subjects has no specific definition. As there are many Economists, so there are many definitions of the subject-Economics. These...

Indirect Taxes: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Indirect Taxes are taxes levied on locally made, imported and exported goods and services. These taxes imposed on goods and services are layer on transferred...

Basic Economic Problems of Society Explained

Every society irrespective of the type of economic system adopted; whether capitalism or socialism, is faced with the following basic fundamental economic problems: What To...

National Debt: Meaning and Types

National or public debt refers to the sum total of debts owed by the government of a country both internally and externally. The debts...

Wages: Definition, Types, Wage Determination

Wages are rewards paid for the services of labour. That is to say, the amount paid to labour for the services it rendered during...

Taxation: Features, Principles of Good Tax System

Tax may be defined as a compulsory contribution contribution imposed by a government authority on goods, individuals, corporate bodies, etc, irrespective of the exact...

Budget: Types, Revenue and Expenditure

A budget may be defined as a financial statement of the total estimated revenue and the proposed expenditure of a government in a given...
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