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This contains information on various Nigerian companies dully registered to operate within the country.
transport companies in nigeria

Top 10 Trusted Transport Companies in Nigeria (2021)

Road Transportation is one very important aspect of transportation in Nigeria that it importance cannot be overemphasized. Simply put, it links states, cities, towns,...

Top 10 Book Publishing Companies in Nigeria: Best List

The Nigerian book publishing industry is one that is overlooked by many, probably because it is widely portrayed that Nigerians don’t read. However, with...
security companies firms in nigeria

Top 10 Best Security Companies in Nigeria (2021)

Because of the increasing security threat in Nigeria, people are doing more to protect lives and properties by tightening security all around them. In...
best civil engineering companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Construction Companies in Lagos

Do you reside in Lagos and want to develop your land or probably, you're interested in working in a construction firm in Lagos and...
human rights in nigeria

Full List of Human Right Organizations in Nigeria (2021)

The human rights organization based in Nigeria are those non-governmental (NGO) groups whose aim of advocating for the rights of individuals that are violated...
oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Full List of Oil Companies in Nigeria & Websites

List of Oil Companies in Nigeria and their Websites This country is blessed with abundant mineral resources. Oil and Gas has become the major source...
oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Major Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria: Full List

95% of oil and gas exploration and production in Nigeria is carried out under a joint venture between the Federal Government of Nigeria and...
research centres in Nigeria

Full List of Research Institutes in Nigeria & Locations

Research institutes are important educational learning and research centres which serve a lot of purposes. These includes: research which incorporates critical fields like agriculture,...
Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

10 Best Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria (2021)

A manufacturing company is a company that turns or convert raw materials into finished goods. Going by this definition, there are a lot of...
regulatory agencies in Nigeria

List of Regulatory Agencies in Nigeria & Functions

There are many regulatory bodies in Nigeria charged with the monitoring, control, regulation and execution of government policies among organizations and companies in the...
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