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This contains information on various Nigerian companies dully registered to operate within the country.

Best IT Firms in Nigeria: Top 10

Best IT Firms in Nigeria The IT industry in Nigeria has a lot of top companies offering best internet services in Nigeria. MTN was among...

Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in Lagos

The shipping industry in Lagos is one that has added real economic value to the growth and GDP of Nigeria as a country. No...
transport companies in nigeria

Top 10 Trusted Transport Companies in Nigeria (2021)

Road Transportation is one very important aspect of transportation in Nigeria that it importance cannot be overemphasized. Simply put, it links states, cities, towns,...
civil engineering salary structure

Top 10 Best Mechanical Engineering Companies in Nigeria (2021)

Mechanical Engineering is a remunerative profession in which one should opt for if you want to start a career in the engineering field. The...

Top 10 Best Construction Companies in Abuja

The work of construction companies is very essential to the development of any place. These companies are primarily concerned with the construction of buildings,...

Multichoice Nigeria: Lagos & Abuja Customer Care Contact Details

Multichoice Nigeria is a subsidiary company of Multichoice Africa (a member of Naspers Group) specialized in providing Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) service in Nigeria....
Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

10 Best Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria (2021)

A manufacturing company is a company that turns or convert raw materials into finished goods. Going by this definition, there are a lot of...
oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Companies in Nigeria that Pay Highest Salaries (2021)

There exist companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries. These companies have over the years built a solid reputation in their various industries and...
Listed compnies in the NSE

Registered Stock Brokers in Nigeria: Best 10

This post is about the 10 best stock brokers in Nigeria that are dully registered and approved with license to operate in the Nigerian...
consulting firms in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Consulting Firms in Nigeria (2021)

Consulting firms comprises of experts and consultants in various field of endeavors that provide professional advice to either an individual or organization for a...
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