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This contains information on various Nigerian companies dully registered to operate within the country.
oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Companies in Nigeria that Pay Highest Salaries (2022)

There exist companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries. These companies have over the years built a solid reputation in their various industries and...
Listed compnies in the NSE

Listed Companies in The Nigerian Stock Exchange (2022)

Have you ever wondered what the Nigerian Stock Exchange is, and the companies trading in the Nigerian stock market? Look no further, Nigerian Infopedia...

Full List of Pharmacies in Lagos & Contact Addresses

Locating a drug store in Lagos isn't difficult as they are seen on every street. Once a doctor prescribes a drug or medicine for...
research centres in Nigeria

Full List of Research Institutes in Nigeria & Locations

Research institutes are important educational learning and research centres which serve a lot of purposes. These includes: research which incorporates critical fields like agriculture,...

Top 10 Best Modelling Agencies in Nigeria (2022)

Being a model in Nigeria is something most young people would love to venture into. A modeling agency is an agency set up to...

Top 10 Best Investment Companies in Nigeria (2022)

Are you looking forward to starting a business and you don't have the required capital? Then you might need the service of investment companies...
rice in Nigeria

Major Rice Processing Companies in Nigeria: Full List

This write up contains a list of major rice processing companies in Nigeria that are considered the best that produces more than 10,000 metric...
oil companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries

Top 10 Companies in Nigeria That Pay Salaries in Dollars (2022)

Its a norm that Nigerians, especially job seekers would always want to find out especially on Google, the top companies that pay highest salaries...
consulting firms in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Consulting Firms in Nigeria (2022)

Consulting firms comprises of experts and consultants in various field of endeavors that provide professional advice to either an individual or organization for a...

Official FedEx Nigeria Contact Address & Phone Number

Are you looking for how to contact FedEx Nigeria, phone number and address details in Lagos, Nigeria, this post will provide you with details...
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