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This contains information on various Nigerian companies dully registered to operate within the country.
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Affordable Hotels in Ikeja & Price List (2022)

Ikeja is the seat of government of the Nigerian state of Lagos. There are more than 500,000 people living in this metropolis. Given the...
hotel nigerian infopedia

Cheap Hotels in Illorin & Price List (2022)

Hotel accomodation in Ilorin isn't as cheap as you might think. Hotel prices all depends on the type, rating and facilities found within. Illorin...
hotel nigerian infopedia

Top Hotels in Ibadan & Price List (2022)

Ibadan as well as its vicinity have over 200+ hotels to choose from. The city is a significant metropolis in Nigeria, the country’s largest...

Popular Hotels in Abuja & Price List (2022)

Abuja, being the seat of government of Nigeria, has a plethora of hotels. According to data from some of the most popular travel medias,...
hotel nigerian infopedia

Top Hotels in Owerri & Price List (2022)

Looking for where to lodge while on a visit to Owerri in Imo state? That shouldn’t be a worry for you as we got...

Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa & Price List (2022)

Looking for a cheap hotel in Abuja to lodge for a night or a week? Gwarinpa has a good number of them at an...
hotel nigerian infopedia

Top Best Hotels in Asaba & Price List (2022)

Lodging in an exquisite hotel in Asaba a night might cost you more money, especially when you don’t know the prices of hotels in...
hotel nigerian infopedia

Top Best Hotels in Port Harcourt & Price List (2022)

It’s interesting to know that Port Harcourt has some of the best hotels in Nigeria that are affordable for booking reservations. The city is...
fertiliser in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in Nigeria

There are over 47 registered fertiliser companies fully operational in Nigeria and these companies have blending plants used to make and process these organic...
fmcg companies in ibadan

Top FMCG Companies in Nigeria & Products

Nigeria is fortunate to be host to several of Africa’s and the world’s most well-known FMCG brands. The acronym stands for Fast Moving Consumer...
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