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This contains information on Catering craft in Nigeria
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Housekeeping Personnel: Categories Explained

Housekeeping staff can be divided into three categories: Managerial: Executive housekeeper, Head housekeeper. Supervisory: Assistant housekeeper, floor housekeeper, linen room supervisor, public area supervisor, and so...
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The Housekeeping Department: Importance & Responsibilities

The aim of all hospitality establishments is to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable and welcoming surroundings that offer value for money. Nothing...
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Classification of Hotels

Hotels are classified based on location, size and property, length of stay, theme and target market. Classification of Hotels Based on Location 1. City Centre: Generally...
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Relationship Between Hospitality Industry And Catering

The term "hospitality" refers to the cordial, generous, reception and entertainment of guests or strangers either socially or commercially. Hospitality industry is also a broad...
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Hotel Rating: All You Need Know

Hotel rating is used to classify hotels according to their quality. The rating may be done in a different way by different organizations around...
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Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria

If you want to plan your event, there are really good catering companies out there to contact. Here in this post is a list...
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Origin of Catering Craft/ Hotel Industry in Nigeria

The history of catering and hotel industry in Nigeria can be traced back to Nigerian Railway Caterers under the management of Mr. Roberts Forth...
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Introduction To Catering Craft Practice & Types

Catering is the service of providing food and drinks in a conducive environment (Hotel management) for a particular set of people at special events...
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Catering Establishment: Types & Functions

This can be classified into two categories, they are: Commercial catering Welfare catering or non-commercial catering Commercial Catering Their main goal is to make profit and...
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