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This contains information on Catering craft in Nigeria
catering in nigeria

Top Best Catering Schools in Lagos: Fee & Location

Cooking isn't as easy as most people think as you would have to put in the right ingredient to prepare a good meal. One...
catering in nigeria

Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria

If you want to plan your event, there are really good catering companies out there to contact. Here in this post is a list...
catering in nigeria

Introduction To Catering Craft Practice & Types

Catering is the service of providing food and drinks in a conducive environment (Hotel management) for a particular set of people at special events...
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First Aid: Definition, Aims & Contents of First Aid Box

First aid is the immediately or emergency treatment given to a sick or injured person before seeking medical attention or is been taking to...
event centres in Lagos

Top 10 Best Event Centres in Lagos & Rental Prices (2022)

Are you looking for a hall for rent in Lagos? Do you want to know the price of hiring a wedding hall in any...
catering in nigeria

Origin of Catering Craft/ Hotel Industry in Nigeria

The history of catering and hotel industry in Nigeria can be traced back to Nigerian Railway Caterers under the management of Mr. Roberts Forth...
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Housekeeping Personnel: Categories Explained

Housekeeping staff can be divided into three categories: Managerial: Executive housekeeper, Head housekeeper. Supervisory: Assistant housekeeper, floor housekeeper, linen room supervisor, public area supervisor, and so...
catering in nigeria

Bill Presentation & Types of Billing Methods

The guest’s order is written by the waiter in the docket (or jotter). The first and second courses are written in one page while...
catering in nigeria

Types & Methods of Cooking

Cooking is the preparation of food in readiness for eating, using heat to render tissues palatable, digestible attractive and safe for consumption. Reasons Why do...
catering in nigeria

Relationship Between Hospitality Industry And Catering

The term "hospitality" refers to the cordial, generous, reception and entertainment of guests or strangers either socially or commercially. Hospitality industry is also a broad...
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