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This contains information on approved banks operating in Nigeria.
bank account

Types Of Bank Accounts in Nigeria

There are various types of bank accounts used to store money in Nigeria for safe-keeping and investment by different individuals, organizations, government agencies and...
bank account

The Difference Between Savings Account and Current Account in Nigeria

What is the difference between savings account and current account in Nigeria? Most people are often confused on the type of account to open when...
best banks in nigeria

Head Offices of Top Commercial Banks in Nigeria

There are currently 22 commercial banks in Nigeria currently as of compiling this post. Some of the former banks in Nigeria that could not...
Best Banks in South Africa For Savings & Home Loans

Top 10 Best Banks in South Africa For Savings & Home Loans (2021)

There are over 70 banks operating in South Africa legally. Some of these banks are locally controlled, some foreign-controlled and some are just branches...
best banks in nigeria

Top 10 Best Banks in Nigeria (2021)

Nigerian banks reel out financial services to benefit their customers and also to attract more. These commercial banks are licensed to operate by the...
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