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Biography of Nyekachi Douglas (MBGN 2022 + Pictures)

Profile and biography of Nyekachi Douglas (Miss Rivers) crowned winner of the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN 2022).

Nyekachi Douglas MBGN 2022 nigerian infopedia
Miss Nyekachi Douglas crowned MBGN 2022

Miss Nyekachi Douglas recently won the just-concluded Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2022 held at the Gabriel Okara Cultural Centre in Bayelsa. The show was organized by the SilverBird Group and aired on SilverBird Television (STV).

It was hosted by popular comedian, Bovi and TV presenter, Layole Oyatogun.

Miss Rivers beat 36 other contestants to become the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. The MBGN pageant, which began in 1983, was originally called Miss Universe Nigeria. It became very popular after the name was changed to the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1986.

How she won the MBGN 2022

It all happened on 11th December 2022, the 32th most beautiful girl in Nigeria was selected.

Nyekachi represented Miss Rivers state in the pageantry. Firstly on the grand finale, Miss Abuja, Taraba were runners-up after, she was finally crowned as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2022.

While much is not known on Miss Nyekachi Douglas biography, we have researched about some interesting details about Miss Rivers.


Miss Nyekachi was born in Rivers state and is 21 years old. She jails from Ibaa in Emohua LGA of Rivers State. While much is not known about her parents, Mr and Mrs Douglas, the year she was born, we would update this article when we receive information on that.

Nyekachi is a currently a free lance model. She is one who is very passionate about her modeling because of its ability to portray different emotions with one piece of clothing and the dynamic opportunities that the fashion industry provides. According to her, the importance of Luxury fashion today gives her joy whilst inspiring her creativity.

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miss nyekachi douglas MBGN 2022 model
Miss nyekachi douglas MBGN 2022 modeling

With her winning the award for the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2022, it would offer her the opportunity to not just be a successful model, but one who will spread love, joy and confidence as she represents Nigeria on the global stage.

Prior to winning the Miss Nigeria beauty paegent, she served as a model for Model Management.


According to the beauty queen, she is single and a Christian by faith.

Information on Miss Nyekachi Douglas

  • Age – 21
  • Date of Birth –
  • State of Origin – Rivers state
  • Ethnicity – Black/African roots
  • Gender – Female
  • Miss Nyekachi’s Height – 184cm / 6´0”
  • Eyes – Black
  • Hair colour – Black
  • Bust size – 83cm / 33″
  • Waist size – 64cm / 25″
  • Hips size – 98cm / 39″
  • Dress – 34 EU, 6 UK, 4 US
  • Shoes – 47 EU, 12 UK, 13 US
  • Disciplines – Modeling
  • Languages – English
  • Hobbies – Reading & Travelling

Miss Nyekachi Social Media Handles

If you want to reach Nyekachi or contact Miss Nigeria 2022, use any of her social media handles below:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyeka_d
  • Facebook: https://facebook.com/nyeka_d
  • Instagram profile account: @nyeka_d

Pictures of Miss Nyekachi MBGN 2022

miss nyekachi douglas nigerian infopedia
Natural picture of Miss Nyekachi Douglas
nyekachi douglas nigerian infopedia
Picture of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2022, Miss Nyekachi Douglas



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