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How To Apply for Plate Number in Nigeria Easily (2020)


If you bought a new car, and are looking for where and how to get a plate number for your Vehicle, this post will offer you ways on how to get it done easily and quickly. It is a punishable offence by the law if you are found with a car plate number that is not registered.

Steps on How To Apply for Plate Number in Nigeria Online

According to federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) website, you can now easily apply for a number plate online. This will enable motor users re-validate their plate numbers no matter the location, state and can be done in minutes.

Below are the steps/procedure to apply for a plate number in Nigeria:

1. Applicant completes online registration (MVA01) form at www.nvisng.org, prints completed form and attach all relevant vehicle documents and proceeds to SBIR/MLA (State Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority) office.

2. Pays for vehicle number plate at SBIR/MLA and is assigned a number plate.

3. Applicant takes his/her vehicle to VIO for physical inspection and is issued a Road worthiness certificate, if VIO is satisfied with the condition of the vehicle.

4. Applicant then goes to Road safety for the verification of documents provided. The verified document are:

  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Means of Identification
  • Proof of Address (e.g. Utility Bill)

5. Applicant goes back to SBIR/MLA, where his/her Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) number will be printed. Then the Proof of Ownership Certificate, his/her Vehicle Number Plate and Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT), is released to him.

That is how easy you can get and verify your plate number in Nigeria online.

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Please endeavour to have all papers complete including your driver’s license. This will enable you the freedom and peace pf mind when you drive on Nigerian roads. The FRSC and other traffic agencies are on the look out for car owners and commuters who are found wanting in this regard.


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