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Access Bank Salary Structure: How Much Access Bank Pay Staff (2021)


The full details on how much Access Bank Plc Nigeria pays their workers (Graduate Trainee, Executive Trainee and Entry Level Staff) is what this post is all about.


Access bank PLC has been a customer friendly bank to Nigerians and a good financial institution to work for in the country. They offer job vacancies and recruitment opportunities to graduates within their establishment. Although, the salary structure of Access bank to its staff depends on the role and level attained in the organization.

History of Access Bank

Access Bank PLC, is commercial bank with license from the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate in the country. Access bank is owned and managed by Access Bank Group. It is one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of deposits, assets, branches and customer base. In 2012, Access Bank got its personal and business banking platforms from Nigeria’s International commercial bank. It revealed its new logo after merging with Diamond bank on 1st April, 2019 which made it one of the largest banks in Africa. Access Bank has its national head quarters in Lagos Nigeria.

It has assets worth ₦2.412 trillion and shareholder’s equity of ₦367.8 billion. It has subsidiaries in eight sub-Saharan African countries and United Kingdom. Access bank got its license from Central Bank of Nigeria in 1989 and was added to Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1998. In 2005, it merged with Mariana Bank and Capital Bank, in 2008, Finbank joined the Access bank Network and exited in the group in 2014. In 2011, it acquired intercontinental bank plc.

Access Bank PLC has a customer-friendly attitude towards its customers. The bank has nice investment plan. They offer jobs to young graduates in Nigerians and their salary structure depends on the level and role of the personnel in the bank. Their services are easily accessible. They have a large customer base due to their customer friendly and courteous approach towards their customers.

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Access bank as one of the leading banks has been operating in the Nigerian banking sector for quite some time. Access bank has evolved to become one of Nigeria’s most stable and reliable banks. That is why customers and investors both local and foreign love to do business with them. Access bank staffs are one of the best-paid in the Nigerian banking industry.

How Much Does Access Bank Pay Their Staff?

If you want to work with Access Bank, this article will come in handy. We will take a look at how much Access Bank pays their staffs on a monthly basis. The salary is based on experience, qualifications and skills one has.

  • Access Bank Contract workers, first entry earn ₦70,000
  • Access Bank Graduate Trainee Salary is ₦43,000 Monthly and ₦516,000 annually.
  • Access Bank Executive Trainees salary is ₦230,000 and ₦2,760,000 annually.
  • Access Bank Entry Level Staff Salary is ₦237,000 and ₦2,844,000 annually.
  • Access Bank Loan Officers Salary is still Unconfirmed.
  • Access Bank Credit Analysts Salary is still Unconfirmed.
  • Access Bank Manager Salary is ₦800,000 Monthly and ₦9,600,000 annually

The salary structure is splitted into three categories:

Graduate Trainee Salary

Access bank is a bank that has proficiency as its watch word, therefore once an individual is employed, he/she undergoes a graduate training program for four months. The bank places their graduate trainees on a specialized training scheme for a period of time, in order for them to embrace the latest terminologies, methodologies and operations of the bank.

Graduate trainees working in Access bank on this program would receive ₦43,000 monthly. If employed after the training, the individuals gets a pay of ₦101, 000 monthly. This is absolutely a good pay for a graduate in the banking industry.

Executive Trainee Salary

In Access Bank there is another set of employees known Executive trainees. This category of employees has specialized functions, and their responsibilities superior to those of the graduate trainees. As an executive trainee in Access Bank an individual is being paid ₦230,000 monthly unlike the graduate trainees.

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Entry Level Staff Salary

Access Bank entry-level staff salary are paid fat salaries compared to their contemporaries in other banks. The staff at the entry-level are paid ₦237,000 monthly together with other benefits such as insurance and leave allowances. Although Access Bank is one of the highest paying banks in Nigeria their salary cannot be compared to that of those in the oil and gas sector.

What to wear to an Access Bank Interview?

A professional dressing is mandatory for an employee in the corporate world, especially in banks. When handling money, the workers present themselves in a manner that reveals that they are capable and professional individuals. How they dress to work signifies their level of professionalism, attention to detail, and client concern. Dressing professionally is a must for an employee involved in the corporate world, especially in banks and similar organizations. Failure to dress properly, may cost an individual his/ her job.

An individual should always wear professional attire while getting interviewed, be it for a part-time / full-time job or an internship. Your interview attire suggests a lot about you to your employer. Look out for an appropriate corporate attire to wear for the interview that’s the most suitable for jobs in the banking sector. Make sure that the chosen attire suits your personality. A proper and professional interview attire will give a sense of confidence and comfort which will be very helpful at the time of attending the interview. How an employee dresses and behaves tells a lot about the organization he is working for and how much he values and respects the organization. They are the representatives of the company and hence, it’s their duty to be dressed neatly so that they can attract more customers and please them. In order to work with them, the individual needs to dress to suit the organization.

Requirements To Be Recruited In Access Bank

  • The applicant must have an OND, HND or Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second-class lower division in any discipline. A Masters degree would be an added advantage.
  • The individual should have at least a one-year experience.
  • The individual should have a valid a valid NYSC certificate or an exemption letter
  • He/she should have good communication (verbal and non-verbal) skill
  • The individual must be result oriented and should make customer satisfaction his/her priority.
  • The individual should be a computer literate to work with the latest technology in the banking sector.
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How Much Access Bank PLC Nigeria Pay Their Graduate Trainee?

Once you are employed as a graduate in the bank, you undergo their graduate trainee program for four month which enable you get aquinted with the banking and financial sector. During the series of test which falls in various stages, you are paid ₦43,000 per month as a graduate trainee of Access bank.

After your graduate trainee program which runs for 4 months, if you pass the interviews and tests, the bank will pay you a salary of ₦101,000 monthly after offering you employment. This is really a decent pay for a fresh graduate in the banking industry.

How Much Does Access Bank PLC Pay Their Executive Trainee?

Unlike the contract staff and graduate trainee, Access Bank pays their Executive Trainee’s a salary of ₦230,000 monthly

How Much Does Access Bank PLC Pay Their Entry Level Staff?

Most people seek the entry level staff job of Access bank which is highly competitive. This is because, they pay their entry level staff about ₦237,000 per month. Just like other top banks in Nigeria, an entry level staff salary is high when compared to other levels in the banking industry. Aside the salary, there are other benefits like leave, insurance and a host of allowance attached to an entry level worker.


With these Access bank salary structure, you can see that they are among the highest paying banks in Nigeria at the moment but will never be compared to the oil companies in Nigeria who are the leading top companies that pay well in Nigeria. Access Bank has a highly skilled, disciplined and ethical workforce. They employ talented individuals and train them to be strong professionals with affinity for leadership.


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